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Scissors Kids Fiskars 13cm Moomin Design - Left-Handed

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Scissors Kids Fiskars 13cm Moomin Design, Left-Handed
  • Cute children's scissors for craft beginners: inside, ideal for children aged 4 and up, for left-handers: inside
  • Innovative safety blades with safer blade angle and blunt tip, optimised opening angle for comfortable, non-slip opening
  • Handle for children with larger finger loop and ergonomic thumb loop for natural, comfortable grip, handle and blades in one line for precision when cutting in the air
  • Made in Finland for high quality and durability, stainless steel blades. Easy care: dishwasher safe
  • Box contents: 1x Fiskars X Moomin children's scissors with moomin design, scissors for left-handers: inside, length: 13 cm, stainless steel, Die Kleine Mü, 1067192