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Fiskars Classic Needlework Orange Comfort Scissors 13cm

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Fiskars Classic Needlework Orange Comfort Scissors 13cm

These needlework scissors from Fiskars are perfect for your intricate and delicate craft and sewing cutting needles.

Constructed with 13cm stainless steel blades, these scissors feature micro-tip points for greater visibility and are ideal for accurate cutting of small patchwork pieces, trimming seam allowances and for giving a clean, fine cut to paper. The ergonomic patented handle is suitable for right and left-handed use and provides extra comfort and control.

To look after your scissors, wipe blades after each use as this prevents build-up of lint and other debris that can get caught in the pivot area and interfere with the way your scissors perform. For normal cleaning, wash your scissors with soap and water then wipe off and dry before using or storing. Oil your best scissors/shears every once in a while at the screw assembly and between the blades at the pivot area. Wipe excess oil off the blades to prevent staining. Never force cutting as this will damage the blades and alignment.