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Tearaway Embroidery Stabiliser Backing STRONG HEAVY WEIGHT - 10m x 35cm

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 Tearaway Embroidery Stabiliser Backing STRONG HEAVY WEIGHT
Roll Size - 10m x 35cm

Tear-away nonwoven backing.


This is the heavier weight Backings in our easy tear-away range and is, therefore, more suited for use when embroidering onto heavier weight fabrics or garments.


Oeko-Tex certified and chlorine free bleached.

Can be used with any embroidery machine

This will stabilise the fibres of your fabric and prevent distortion. designs where there is heavy embroidery this heavy weight backing is best suited.  Ensure that the whole area of the fabric being put into the hoop is covered; this will also prevent the fabric from being stretched by the hoop itself. Once your design is completed the stabiliser can be torn away.