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Screw Driver Set - Needle Plate Screw & Bobbin Case Tension Screw 416427101

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Screw Driver - Small Wing Shaped Handle for needle plate screws

Full Size -  6.7cm (67mm) Long (2"3/4) 

White handle size 3.3cm (33mm)

Fits Nicely into the Front Accessories Box

Short Handle Screwdriver is designed to remove the foot screw and needle clamp screw easily when you want to gain access to broken needles, threads, feed dogs, bobbin case and to clean out the lint from your machine.

The wings on the handle give extra grip and leverage for ease of use, and the short handle fits neatly under the head of your machine for quick accurate access to remove the needle plate.



Screw Driver - Small Bobbin Case & Overlock Clamp Screw

Small Screwdriver is designed for adjustment to your bobbin case tension screw and also for some overlocker needle clamp screws with the flat head

Approx. 7.5cm length (3 inch)