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Schmetz Sewing Machine Double Hemstitch Wing Needle Size 2,5/100

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Schmetz Sewing Machine Double Hemstitch Wing Needle 
Standard Flat Sided Home Sewing Machine Needle

Size 2,5/100

Pack of 1

Feature:   A Wing needle and a Universal needle with a 2.5 mm separation combined on a single shank for decorative stitching in dual rows.
Fabric Use:   Light or medium weight loosely woven fabrics; for heirloom sewing and decorative cutwork.


  • Sew decorative seams that look like a traditional hand-stitching technique with the combination of a Universal Needle and a Hemstitch Needle.
  • Decorate loosely woven fabrics, such as linen.

Coating - Nickel

Point shapeSlightly rounded point, with the hemstitch needle merging into a particular shape.