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Schmetz Industrial Needles Round Top 16x231 DBx1 - 10 x Regular Size 100/16

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SCHMETZ NEEDLES CANU 14:25 1 DBX1 16X231 287 

SIZE 100/16


Brother SL 755 Range + Many Others

  • This is a box of 10 superior quality needles 
  • Schmetz German-made sewing machine needles have been made to the highest quality since 1851
  • Special construction provides trouble-free sewing
  • Schmetz is one of the best and most trusted brands in the Industry

The SCHMETZ brand is extremely well established in the sewing industry around the world, and serves all 47 sectors. Each sector places unique requirements on the sewing process, which SCHMETZ covers with its complete range of around 3,000 product types. The service is rounded off with sector-specific consultation expertise and targeted service activities. This is why quality and production managers as well as technicians in sewing factories around the world value SCHMETZ as a competent partner at their side.