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PURElite LED Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp CFPL8289

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 PURElite LED Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp CFPL8289
Natural daylight effect.
Touch sensitive lighting controls.
Low energy.
Low Heat
LED technology.
Dimmer switch for perfect lighting (4 settings).
9cm optical quality lens.
3 x magnification main lens.
5 x magnification close-up section.
Magnifier lens cover.
Flexible arm for easy positioning.
Less glare to minimise eye strain
Mains operated. 
Size: 54 x 14cm (21.3 x 5.5 inches)
7 watt LED daylight lamp
440 Lumens

The Purelite Table Magnifying Lamp is the perfect hobby lamp for your home or workspace! The light gives you a natural daylight effect while the magnification ensures you can see every detail of your craft and work projects.

With touch sensitive light controls and a four-setting dimmer switch, you'll be able to achieve the perfect lighting for every project. This lamp also has a flexible neck for precise and easy positioning, and when you wish to only use the lamp, there is a lens cover for the magnifier.

The magnifier has an optical quality lens that offers three and five times magnification. See the finest of detail with perfect clarity, allowing you to work for much longer without straining your eyes. There is less glare from the light, ensuring less damage is done to long-term vision.