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Janome Machine Extension Table DC7100 4300QDC 740DC 780DC 5060QDC M100QDC +

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Genuine Janome Table with Janome Logo and measurements across the front, This sturdy table has built in fold out legs with adjustable rubber feet and is finished in a white gloss type plastic

Size Approx 16inch x 11inch = (41cm x 28cm)

It fits snugly against the machine giving a much larger work surface and extra support for all your projects.

Please not some newer machines listed below might have a matt type plastic and this table is a smooth type bit fits perfectly 

This extension table is suitable for the following sewing machines:
  • TXL607
  • QXL605
  • DXL603
  • DKS30
  • DKS100
  • XL601
  • DC6030
  • DC7100
  • GD8100 
  • HC8100
  • 5100
  • 5030
  • 5050
  • XS50
  • 8050XL
  • M50QDC
  • M100QDC
  • M200QDC
  • 4300QDC
  • 740DC
  • 780DC

Please ensure your purchase the correct extension table for your sewing machine.