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Industrial Rotary Hook Metal Bobbin Case (Anti Bobbin Spin) Brother Singer Juki Consew

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Standard Type Industrial Metal Bobbin Case with Back Lash (anti bobbin spin spring)

This bobbin case will fit Brother, Singer, Juki, Toyota, Wilcox & Gibbs Etc. Industrial Sewing Machines. 

It will not fit Domestic Home sewing machines

This industrial bobbin case will fit 99% of industrial sewing machines.


Compatible with Brother : B705, B707, B714, B715, B516, B735, B737, B738, B745, B755, B756, B758, B767, B781, B790, B791, B792, B793, B795, DD7000, PQ1300, PQ1500

Compatible with Consew : 30, 98, 99, 100, 102, 103, 105, 210, 217, 218, 219, 220, 230, 231R, 290, 310, 2230, 7360R-1

Compatible with Juki : 
DDL-127  DDL-227  DDL-500  DDL-501  DDL-541  DDL-542  DDL-543  DDL-545  DDL-555  DDL-5550  DDL-8300  DDL-8500  DDL-8700  DDW-226  DLD-432  DLM-522  DLM-5400  DLN-412  DLN-415  DLN-5410  DLU-450

DDL-105, DDL-115, DDL-436, DDL-500, DDL-552, DDL-553, DDL-555, DDL-5550, DDL-8500, DDL-8700, DDL-8900, DDL-9000, DLD-432, DLM-522, DLM-5400, DLN-412, DLN-415, DLN-5410

Compatible with Singer : 95  96  120U  121C  121D  220U12  241  251  281  366K  400W  402W  451K  600W  660A  770D  771D   2491D 1300, 1300-2, 1400W, 188K, 188K1, 191, 195, 195K, 196K5, 241, 241-11, 241-12, 241-13, 245, 251, 281, 281-1, 281-3, 281-21, 291U, 32-45, 331K, 366K, 400W, 400W21, 451K, 491, 591D200A, 600W, 660A, 660W, 701-710, 761-765, 94-40, 95, 95-10, 96, 96CL, 96-46, 95K40 through 95K100, 96K40 through 96K100

MITSUBISHI:   DB-120  DB-122  DB-126  DB-130  DB-170  DB-189  DB-199  DX-370  DY-340  LS2-130  LS2-150  LS2-180  LS2-190  LX2-630  LY2-340

RICCAR:   RD-102

TOYOTA:   AD156  AD157  AD338   D140 D146  D147  D347  D348  D1422-42  D2432