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Free Standing Universal Thread Stand Multi Spool 10 Pin

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UNIVERSAL Thread Stand Multi Spool 10 Pin -  Free Standing 

Free-Standing Ten Spool Thread Stand

You can set up to 10 spools of thread on this stand that conveniently sits behind your machine.
Each thread has it's own thread guide to deliver thread smoothly to the machine as well as a thread locking system which keeps those loose ends tamed when not in use.
Spend less time changing threads, and more on creating.

  1. Saves time during thread changes
  2.  Organize thread by sequence for an embroidery design. No more confusion about which color thread is next.
  3. Tames tough threads with the thread lubricator
  4. Includes a specialty thread guide, king spool stabilizers, thread retainer

Easy to Use
Simply select the thread, feed it through the guide and thread your machine. The Thread Pilot handles all types of threads, decorative yarns and narrow flat ribbons.  Easy to Assemble. in minutes, just unpack, follow the step-by-step photos in the manual and you’ll be stitching in no time.

Will Fit all embroidery and sewing/embroidery machines.