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Brother Hook Bobbin Case Front Stopper Bracket XL2120 XL2220 BC2100 DS120 ES2010 FS40 XR6600+ XE3651001

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Brother Hook Bobbin Case Front Stopper Bracket  

Brother make different brackets so please make sure this is the correct one like the photo or contact us

XL2120, XL2121, XL2130, XL2140, XL2150, XL2220, XL2230, XL2240, XL2250, XL3800

BC-1000, BC-2100, BC2100WT, BC2500, BX2925PRW, CE1100PRW, CE-4000, CE4400, CE-5000, CE-5000PRW, CE-5500, CE-5500PRW, CE7070PRW, CE-8080, CE8080PRW, CE-4000, CE-8080PRW, CP6500, CP7500, CS-100T, CS4000, CS5000H, CS5055PRW, CS-6000, CS6000B, CS-6000I, CS-6000T, CS7000H, CS770, CS8800PRW, CS9100, DS-120, DS-140, DZ2400, ES2000, ES2000T, ES2010, ES2020, ES2200, ES2210, ES2220, ES2400, ES2410, ES2420, EX660, FS-20, FS-40, FS-40WT, HC1850, HS1000, HS2000, HS2500, HS3000, HS9500, JS50E, RS250, SC6600, SC9500, SM-6500PRW, SQ9000, SQ9050, SQ9185, XR-1300, XR1355, XR4040, XR-6060, XR-660, XR-6600, XR-7700, XR-9000, XR-9500PRW
Part Number: XE7558001 XE3651001 XC4939021

If you are unsure which stopper you need just give us a email