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SINGER Overlocker Older 14U Foot Control Pedal & Lead Type 1 YDK

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Sewing Foot Control Pedal YDK & Lead 

This foot control will fit the Some Older Singer Overlock Models with the hollow type foot control

Singer 14U132 Singer 14U134 Singer 14u185 Singer 14U234 Singer 14U285 Singer 14U444 Singer 14U454 Singer 14U544 Singer 14U554 Singer 14U555 Singer 14SH654 Singer 14U286 Singer 14U34 Singer 14U344 Singer 14U354 Singer 14U44 Singer 14SH754 Singer 14U23 Singer 14U53 Singer 14U13 Singer 14SH644 Singer 14U12 Singer 14U32 Singer 14U52 Singer 14U557 Singer 14U65 Singer 14U734 Singer 14U74 Singer 14T948DS Singer 14U85 Singer 14U22 Singer 14U174 Singer 14U14

Fits any sewing machine with this shape plug fitting

Please double check the photos of the shape as there is more than one type plug fitting