Gutermann Metallic Effect Thread Box Set 50m x 7

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Gutermann Metallic Effect Thread Box Set 50m x 7


Gutermann Metallic Effect Sewing Thread

 An attractive set of metallic effect threads to add a decorative touch to any creative craft project.

7 reels of 50m threads, including silver and gold.


Add a little shine to every sewing project with Gutermann Metallic Effect Thread. With a lurex effect for decorative stitching and machine embroidery, this sparkling thread can be used for both hand and machine sewing. It can also be used for other general crafts to add a twinkling twist.

A blend of 70% polyamide and 30% polyester, the sparkly metallic thread is the perfect way to add a unique finish to your project. Choose from a selection of beautiful shades, and ensure that every stitch adds eye-catching detail.

  • Length: 50m x 7
  • 70% polyamide, 30% polyester
  • Metallic effect finish
  • Suitable for hand and machine sewing
  • Ideal for decorative stitching and machine embroidery