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2053 Needles For Older Singer ULTRALOCK 14U Overlock Strong 100/16 x10

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Compatible with the Singer Overlocker Needle 2053 Woven Needle 10Pk (Round top needles) Not Flat sided
Size 100/16
Singer Type 2053

For Singer 14U series machines listed below;
10UJ13, 14U12A, 14U12, 14U13, 14U22, 14U23, 14U14, 14U24, 14U52, 14U52A, 14U53A

These needles are made out of high-quality steel. Use them time and time again for an exquisite finish. Diverse projects, ambitious ideas and efficient practice help you to branch out your textile experience – and all three are at your disposal with this simple set of basics! Whether you are hunting for spares or are simply starting out, these needles help you to create a set of exciting little numbers…

  • Round top needles
  • Needle Size: 100
  • Long-lasting.
  • High-quality steel.

Singer Needles 10 Pack